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Working from Home

A Safe Space for You to Heal, Grow and Reduce Stress. 

When will you make time for you? Whether you wear sweatpants or other comfortable clothes. I invite you to be yourself when you visit me.

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Why Choose Me?

Hi my name is Kim Harford. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I offer individual therapy in -person in Harrisburg, PA and virtual therapy in the state of Pennsylvania.


My Specialities

Holding Hands


Why Choose Me?

I believe it’s time to end the stigma of discussing mental health especially in the Black community. I believe our physical health and mental health are intertwined. In using an holistic approach let’s work together in using your strengths and discovering new skills to manage anxiety and depression. Individuals with ADHD may feel like lazy or stupid. I am here to tell YOU are not!!! May be you need real solutions in completing tasks, learning organizational skills, or learn to manage impulsive behaviors.

Breathe it in, let it out, breathe it in, let it go

- By Beautiful Chorus

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